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Introduction to the Life Protection course

Clients seeking mortgage advice generally under estimate the value of protection. Whilst they need the mortgage to purchase their dream home they often assume that once the mortgage is done everything in their world will be perfect.

Unfortunately, that perfect world can change all too quickly. Premature death, serious illness or long term incapacity can have a major effect on your client and their family. Even being made unemployed for a short time can have a serious impact financially.

That is why it is important that you understand the needs your client might have in protection and the products that are available to meet those needs. Being able to articulate the value of protection to all your clients is the only way you can show you are truly treating the customer fairly – which after all is a key focus for all working in financial services.

What's included

  • Understanding the risks – dying, suffering a critical illness or long term incapacity.
  • Benefit structures – what is Term based life cover?  How does Critical Illness work and why is Income protection the real priority for most people?
  • Gathering information – asking the right questions can give you an edge when it comes to getting the client to accept your advice.
  • Guidance on underwriting – why it is necessary, key areas to look for and the importance of gathering all relevant information. 
  • Building a plan – using the information you have gathered you can create a plan which covers many of the needs you have identified and still meet the client’s budget.
  • Building in an automatic review date – modern protection plans also give you the ability to revisit the sale to improve the level of cover.
  • Using provider tools – product providers want to help you sell more, so use the tools they provide to enhance your ability to give real quality advice.
  • Using trusts for protection plans – advantages from the client perspective and how you can use trusts to grow your business.
  • Relevant Life Plans – a relatively new concept which can provide big cost savings for owners of limited companies and some of their employees. Giving advice of Relevant Life Plans can also be an opening into the Business Protection market. Although this Business Protection is a specialist area we will cover the basics.

Your Tutor

Alan ColeAccess Financial Services is delighted to be working with Alan Cole who has developed a dedicated Protection Course for all Access Financial Services Advisers.

Alan started in Financial Services over 45 years ago, and having spent 24 years with Scottish Provident moved to Royal London prior the launch of Bright Grey 14 years ago. Most recently he has represented Royal London Protection in the adviser market.

In his role as Adviser Development Manager Alan was responsible for delivering presentations on a wide range of protection related issues and workshops focussed on sales skills.

Alan is a member of the PFS by Diploma having continued to study throughout his career. He holds both CeMAP and MAQ qualifications as well as the relevant qualifications for Equity Release, Home Reversion and Long Term care.

He has been involved in adviser training for over 25 years and has focussed on protection for over 20 years. Alan is married with two daughters and lives in Southampton – although most weekends in the summer are spent on the coast in Dorset.