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Induction overview

We offer two Induction Courses, the first for experienced advisers with Competent Adviser Status and the second for newly qualified advisers and industry returners.

Advisers with Competent Adviser Status

This is a two-day Induction Course which has been designed so that when you have completed course you have all the necessary skills to start writing mortgage and protection business without delay, you will also gain an understanding of our training and competency requirements.

Advisers without Competent Adviser Status

This a more in-depth Induction Course over four days, you’ll get an introduction to our full sales process for mortgages and protections, by the end of course, you will have a full understanding of training and competence requirements and have the confidence to work in partnership with your mentor and head office team until you achieve Competent Adviser Status.

Who is it for?

Regardless of your experience and even if you have current Competent Adviser Status, Access Financial Services need to evidence this and be satisfied that you meet our CAS requirements.

For newly qualified advisers, this is your first step in achieving Competent Adviser Status and once completed you will supervised until you achieve CAS.

Induction Courses are held throughout the UK monthly. Your application to join Access Financial Services as a Registered Individual or an Appointed Representative must be approved before you can attend an Induction Course.

Fact finding

We are really pleased to have partnered with award winning 360 Lifecycle for our Client Management Software and the Client Fact is without doubt the best in the industry.

You can email an invitation to your clients to allow them to complete the Fact-Find online, on a tablet and even a smart phone, the client the submits the fact-find back to you for review.

Understanding the 360 Lifecycle software is fundamental in writing mortgage and protection business with Access Financial Services. With both Induction Courses, you will get ample opportunity to explore the software, complete fact-finds and source mortgage and protection products.

Mortgage sourcing

At Access Financial Services we have opted for Twenty7Tec Mortgage Sourcing and AssureWeb for protection sourcing, both systems are imbedded within our client management software, so you can source mortgages and protection at the same time without leaving the client file. All your research is automatically included in client file.

On your Induction Course, you will get the chance to source mortgages and protection and produce accurate illustrations.

Becoming Competent

Exactly what is Competent Adviser Status (CAS)?

‘the ability to evidence a sophisticated learning environment that ensures a retention of knowledge and detailed understanding of current financial services regulation and product knowledge’

Firstly, you must achieve CAS and equally importantly you must evidence that you are maintaining your CAS status.

Both Induction Courses are your first steps in achieving CAS.

Speaking to advisers joining us from other networks, some say they have never formally received CAS status and many are simply not sure if they have CAS status. At your Induction Course, will explain what you need to do to achieve and maintain and achieve your CAS status.

It’s a very proud moment when you receive your IFS Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice and it’s an equally proud moment when you receive your Competent Adviser Status Certificate from Access Financial Services.

Adviser skills

Have you ever wondered why some people working in sales are much more successful than others? With mortgage advisers, it’s no different, you will have the high achievers and others who never take flight.

Just as you must study for your CeMAP qualifications, the necessary sales skills can be learnt and applied to mortgage advice.

On our Induction Course, will give you an introduction to how you can develop the necessary skills to write more mortgage business. We also offer a dedicated Sales and Marketing Course which is totally focused on developing your income potential.